Origin Chocolate

An exclusive and unparalleled tasting experience.

Being Bean-to-bar means being from almond to bar. The concept encompasses an even healthier, more natural and sustainable process that values ​​the origin and development of small producers.
We at Haoma always cherish natural products that respect nature and people and with bean to bar chocolate, of origin, we have identity and history.

The process is global and starts with the selection of fine cocoa beans, genuinely Brazilian and cultivated in a sustainable way. The result is a purer chocolate and a more natural production, where they are preserved aromas, flavors and characteristics of each fruit.

Haoma origin cocoa is consciously harvested by producer families from different regions of Brazil. Part of the resources return to these communities, guaranteeing economic and environment in each region.
Haoma's purpose is to unite people and improve the quality of life, from producers to our customers!
In addition to being healthy, with only four ingredients, zero sugar, our chocolate has a unique flavor!
Surprise yourself guilt-free and sugar-free!


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